Side Effects of Testosterone Pills

Countless men are using testosterone pills these days. Whether they’re taking it to get their sex drive or if they’re planning to bulk up at the gym, these supplements are becoming a must. But are they safe? Take a moment to consider some of the potential side effects of testosterone pills.

Testosterone Pills


Blue Balls or No Balls

This one is a bit confusing because both incidents might or might not happen. Condition one – you end up with such a high sperm count that you end up with the medical condition known as “blue balls”. They’ve swelled so large you need to sleep it off or have sex.

This happens because testosterone is a super important trigger that tells your body to produce more sperm. As you keep taking pills for a long time, you could end up with too much sperm in your body and your testicles will swell.

But then the exact opposite might happen. Some studies show that too much testosterone causes the testicles to shrink. When they shrink they produce less sperm. Medical experts claim too many pills could lead to impotence.

Acne Outbreak

One of the more common side effects though is acne. There have been studies showing a direct relationship between testosterone and acne breakouts. Here’s a simple breakdown as to how and why this occurs:

Acne occurs because of too much sebum in the skin. Sebum is the body’s natural oil and testosterone is the hormone that triggers more sebum production. As testosterone levels increase so does body oil. Oil clogs the pores of the skin and thus you end up with acne, like pimples.

Women also get pimples because the ovaries also produce testosterone, just not enough to turn a woman into a muscular man with a deep voice.

If you have too much testosterone in your system you will most likely suffer from pimples but nothing more than that. The other side effects of testosterone pills haven’t been validated enough or were recently shot down.

Prostate Inflammation

For many years, people immediately believed that testosterone pills caused prostate enlargement. Of course this would be an issue because prostate inflammation or enlargement could be the gateway to prostate cancer.

Luckily though, this has been shot down several times by medical experts. While the theory might sound right, in practice it doesn’t make sense. Not only that but some new researches show that prostate enlargement might be due to the exact opposite: low testosterone levels.

Testosterone Pills are Still Recommended

The side effects of testosterone supplements aren’t valid enough to disclaim it as a potential hazard. As a matter of fact, manufacturers are being super careful in making new ways to ensure that their pills are 100% safe. This includes the use of natural ingredients and ensuring that the dosage is always safe and easy to monitor.

So if you are looking for a way to solve erectile dysfunction or if you want to get that bulky body at the gym then go ahead; the side effects of testosterone pills are so inconsequential they might not even be real. Testosterone pills are safe to use, so why stop yourself when the solution is right in your hands?

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